Raise Right

Earn a tuition rebate and fundraise for Ontario Christian while you shop!

The everyday way to earn money toward your student’s tuition while Supporting Ontario Christian

With gift cards or ecards for over 750 top retailer brands – including over 100 local grocery stores, restaurants, specialty and warehouse stores, travel, entertainment, and gas – Scrip makes it possible to earn rebates for tuition and fundraise for Ontario Christian while you shop for everyday needs. It’s easy, rewarding, and fits perfectly into your busy life!

Shop 750+ Top Brands

How Does Scrip Work?

Purchase Gift Cards

Buy physical gift cards at face value at Ontario Christian or buy ECards at face value with RaiseRight.

Payment Methods

Pay with cash/check for physical gift cards at school. Purchase online using PrestoPay for virtual cards, receive them immediately, and earn up to 21% for your school/student.

Shop with Scrip

Use your gift cards at full purchase value for everyday shopping.

Earn a Tuition Rebate

The brand gives back to OC while YOU earn back a percentage of every scrip card you buy in the form of a tuition rebate.

Contact Our Scrip Team

Have questions about Scrip? Need the enrollment code? Our  volunteer team is happy to help!

Photo of Tira J Dennis

Scrip Coordinator

Pattie Montejano
(951) 733-6871

Getting Started with Scrip


Ordering Physical Gift Cards

Scrip gift cards are the same as normally purchased at the store. Use them, instead of cash or credit card, to earn a tuition rebate! Payment for physical cards is made by cash/check at the time of purchase.

Buy In-Person

Purchase these physical gift cards at Ontario Christian Elementary in-person on Fridays, 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

Order Ahead

You may also drop off your order at the Elementary Office prior to Friday at 8:30 am and it will be filled and left at the office for pick up or sent home with your student. Be sure to fill out the bottom portion of the form to ensure proper delivery. Our team has an inventory of our top 100 favorites in stock, plus we can special order any physical card you see on RaiseRight.com and it will be in within a week!


Getting Started with Scrip ECards – The Fastest Way to Earn Rebates

  • Go to www.raiseright.com and select “Join a Program”
  • Enter the OC enrollment code provided by the Scrip Coordinator. Please email scrip@ocschools.org to obtain this code.
  • Link your bank account to Presto Pay and place your first order!

Presto Pay

To purchase any items online, you will need Presto Pay. Enroll in online payments to conveniently pay for orders by linking your bank account to your Raise Right account. For a small $0.15 fee, you’ll receive ScripNow and ReloadNow funds immediately, and you’ll have access to RaiseRight. *Please note, you cannot benefit from ScripNow, Reload, or the Raise Right Wallet without using Presto Pay.

RaiseRight Mobile App

RaiseRight Wallet is ShopWithScrip’s mobile app that you can use to order ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow! This is Ontario Christian’s favorite way to purchase Scrip immediately while on the go at favorite stores — a perfect way to earn those tuition credits FAST! To go mobile, use your phone and download the RAISE RIGHT app for free. Log in with your Raise Right account and verify you are signed up for PrestoPay. You’re now ready to purchase ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow from your phone!


ScripNow is an ecard that you can buy using Presto Pay and is available immediately to print.


Some physical cards that have been purchased through our physical card scrip program are available with a Reload or ReloadNow option. Register these cards online and add funds as needed. Funds will be added overnight to your cards when using the Reload feature and immediately when using the ReloadNow feature. Pay online with Presto Pay.

Friends &

Scrip for Friends and Family

You can sign up friends and family for all of our Scrip programs including physical Scrip on Friday mornings, Raise Right (also known as ScripWallet), and RaiseRight.com. This is free money for our school as well as towards your student’s tuition.

When to

Scrip Schedule

Please contact Scrip Coordinator Pattie Montejano at (951) 733-6871 for the current Scrip schedule.


Scrip Policies:

  • There are no cash rebates.
  • You may pay with cash and/or check – no coin or credit cards, please.
  • All checks should be made payable to OCPA Scrip and will be deposited the same day purchased.
  • All payments for Scrip must be for the exact amount, as there is no change made/given at the Scrip table.
  • Exchange policy: Scrip may be exchanged only, not returned for cash. Verification of balance will be made before Scrip will be exchanged.
  • There will be a $20 charge for all bounced checks. Any account with two returned checks will then be put on a cash-only basis.
  • If your TOTAL rebate earned for the year is $10.00 or less, no rebate notification will be mailed. Rebates less than $5.00 will be applied only if the purchaser contacts the business office.
  • The “Rebate Formula” is 45% to OCPA, 45% to the Families (tuition rebate), and 10% to run the program.
  • Preschool students can earn a tuition “pre-bate,” storing up rebate credit in an account to be used when the child enters Kindergarten.

Raise Right

The merchants represented are not sponsors or otherwise affiliated with Raise Right or Ontario Christian School. The logos and other identifying marks used are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit the company’s website for additional conditions.

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